How to find your own style?

Defining your personal style comes after a lot of experimentation and failure. Experiment with different patterns, outfits and colours to find your quirky combination! Your personal style is highly defined by what catches your attention! You’ll find that you are often drawn towards a specific colour or the type of clothes, or look for a specific attire for a specific occasion. You may choose jeans over dresses on a casual hangout but prefer sarees for weddings. Now, the answer to ‘What your preferences are?’ can still change over some time. But, there is a commonality between your general likes and dislikes. Here is how you can find your own style when it comes to ethnic wear!

Look for aspects of clothing you like
Do you like the comfort of the Salwar Suits? Or do you the grace of a saree? Perhaps a Patiala suit can be the best choice for you! Or maybe a Lilac designer Anarkali suit brings out the 70s coy heroine in you. Choose what makes you feel the best!

Comfort or Style?
Why not both? Wearing stylish clothes does not have to mean you compromise on comfort. A backless lehenga choli should not mean you stay conscious. You can wear the latest designer lehengas with ease! Similarly, you may want to flaunt your crisp white sneakers under that gorgeous bridal saree! It’s all about wholesome fashion!

Create You Pinterest Boards
There is always a different choice for different occasions. You might want to feel like Cinderella in a Gown somedays, and sometimes feel like royalty in the latest designer sarees. Whether you are casually going online saree shopping or especially looking for your wedding lehenga designs create Pinterest boards to refer from. Search for things like salwar suit designs and save all the favourites to your board. This is going to tell you what exactly is your personal style.

Plan a dream wedding outfit!
Your wedding outfit is the best reflection of all that your personal style stands for. Luckily, in Indian traditions, we don’t have just one wedding dress to choose from! You can create your wedding saree collection and also go on a hunt for a designer bridal lehenga. No matter what you are looking for, you know that your special day is bound to contain elements of your personal style! 

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