Feel the Vibes of Cultural India

Clothing has always been a defining factor for any culture. Clothing is a way to speak without words, a way to tell the world who you are without ever uttering a single sentence. How we dress tells people what we like, from how backless our cholis are to how high the necks have to be, they all tell a story. For a lot of people, inheriting vintage pieces from our family is a piece of our history, our culture in a way that can be worn. Clothing sets everything apart. 
A dress from the 1920s and one from the 1960s are different in very noticeable ways from the generational gifts of our grandmother's lehenga choli. To using our mother's sarees for weddings. Culture and clothing go hand in hand, every generation brings its distinctive voice to the fashion game, from the designs for salwar suits to making blouses into crop tops, the vibe passes the check. But all desi events\ parties demand a little online saree shopping
India being the center of many cultures became the hub of several innovations and a textile hub. An added benefit to being Indian is that every desi outfit passes the vibe check as well as a mini-dress does. Maybe we all have a "Main hoon na" moment in our head whenever we put a Patiala suit on, a small band plays as we look in the mirror. From kalamkari pantsuits to luxurious silk dresses. Texture and textile play major roles in Indian fashion, an outfit can speak, have legs, walk all based on the Karigari. Some associate culture with language and the arts and others with the perfect designer bridal lehenga, art imitates life and weddings are the closest things we have to an art exhibition. 
Vintage jewelry and the latest designer lehenga emerge as one. Nowhere is that as true as what qualifies as art. Some like paintings while others believe that clothes are art in motion. There's a lot of people in the world and with the tiny things they do, they influence Fashion. They don't see it as a tangible thing, it's the butterfly effect in how the fashion world is going to be after them but it's the little things like a new salwar suits design. The culture and trend change when someone does it better and the vibe is checked by learning, growing, and shining, together, always.

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