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Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride

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India is a country filled with mixed cultures and traditions from different regions. Each region has unique concepts in terms of cultures, traditions, and rituals followed for specific occasions, this creates a great curiosity among the rest of the region.


 In this diverse country weddings are some of the most prominent occasions that last for several days and involve various rituals and ceremonies, since different regions have unique wedding events and attires which vary depending on the personal preferences of the bride and groom. This traditional wedding attire has its unique style and choice that depends on cultural and regional customs with a fusion of traditional and modern styles that create stunning visuals.

Indian traditional wedding attire is deeply rooted in its history and art the beauty of Indian wedding gowns is not just in this but also in their intricate designs and luxurious fabrics that symbolize them.

A traditional and classic choice of Indian bridal outfit is sarees it is ubiquitous and ever-green. In South India, brides mostly wear the traditional Kanchipuram saree, which is fabricated from luxurious silk and has a wide border and intricate designs. This saree is draped in a unique style.

Lehenga choli, which consists of a long skirt and blouse paired with a dupatta, these attires are embellished with heavily embroidered intricate patterns, and adorned with sparkling jewels, sequins, and these lehengas can be designed from a range of fabrics, including silk, chiffon, and georgette.

Other regions in India Anarkali and modern salwar kameez is making a comeback and taking center stage at all Indian bridal fashion this is a perfect for pre-wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties.

Well just as how a brides has unique wedding attire in the very same way even the grooms do have many sophisticated attires for their weddings that are designed with rich fabrics and ravishing embellishments.

Sherwani’s are one of the most favored wedding attire for grooms. This sophisticated attire purveys a royal look because of the rich fabric like silk, and velvet adding to it is elegant embellishing work designed on the sherwani and can be accessorized with a neckpiece, brooch, or cuff.

The Jodhpur suits also known as bandhgala suit. It consists of a vest, coat and trousers which provides it a singular appearance and can be recognized instantly. These suits have a royal and regal appearance and to make them have this appearance they are designed from luxurious fabrics like velvet or brocade.

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