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Nine days Nine different outfits!!

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Navratri is celebrated across the India irrespective of caste or language. In fact it’s celebrated by Indians staying abroad too and their local friends happen to join in. This is how Indian culture is, full of life and colours. Any one is tempted to join in the celebration!!  Who needs reason to party or shop?


We all girls are ever ready!!  After a hard day one needs retail therapy too!! Shopping for Navratri is so fun, you can have endless colors in your outfit and without hesitation you can dress funky!

After hard day’s work why workout in mall to shop? We believe in pampering our customers, Nine colors brings you special Navratri collection. You can shop in from kurti to Lehenga Choli depending upon what’s trending in your state. Navratri is celebrated in bit different ways in each state. We will be sharing what’s trending in your state!!

In Gujarat celebration is full of lights and colorful cloths. Females are dressed in ghagra/lehenga choli and play garba and dandiya.  They also carry pot on their head filled with water and silver coins and perform folk. Check nine colors Gujarat special dress!!


In Maharashtra it’s considered as new beginning .So female purchase things and gifts each other and exchange blessings of happy married life. How about gifting nine colors dress to your loved one or may be voucher? The Navratri i.e garba and dandiya celebrations in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, bear resemblance to Gujarat owing to its geographical proximity to the state.

West Bengal is famous for Durga Pooja. There are pandals across the city and pooja is performed. People wear more of red and white saress, salwar suits and other outfits. Check nine colors special collection.

In Punjab they fast for the first seven days. They also organize a jagraata on the eighth day or Ashtami, the fast is broken by organizing a bhandara for 9 young girls .The girls are also gifted with a red dupatta. Check out our red theme collection!!

We happen to skip rest of the state as we have unanimous culture and we are running short of space too. You can pick your style from here: –


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