This year, style your Onam sarees in these five unique ways!

Unlike other Indian festivals, Onam enjoys its own distinctive style and fashion. While you could still wear South Indian style lehengas or suits during the start of Onam, the final Onam celebration demands the finest Kerala Kasavu Saree. You don’t have to be a Keralite to appreciate the beauty of this white and gold saree! You can choose these handcrafted sarees in resplendent white or ivory shades; even the borders are available with a hint of colour such as pink and gold. Every Indian woman, whether she is from the south or not, ends up owning at least one Onam saree by default! Beautiful fashion has the power to transcend cultural barriers and unite us!

How to style Onam sarees

1.For a more traditional feel, opt for the classic Kerala Kasavu Saree with solid gold border. The saree blouse too will be in plain white with gold border on the sleeves and the band. Complement the simplicity of this look with an intricate kamarpatta (the traditional waist belt).

2.If you prefer a fresh take on old styles, pair your Onam saree with a contemporary saree blouse. Whether it is cold shoulder sleeves, noodle straps, or a flirty saree-back, you can add your own personal touch to this classic look.

Black makes everything look elegant! Choose a Kerala Kasavu Saree with gold and black border and wear it with a bold black blouse. Opt for a traditional blouse design with gold work on it or a solid black blouse in a modern style.

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There are many Onam sarees with unique borders, and it’s all pure gorgeousness! No matter what you pick, you can elevate your look with bold, hanging intricate earrings! Make sure the jewellery includes some amount of colour to brighten up the whole look.

6) Embrace prints! The simplicity of a Kerala saree goes amazingly well with a printed blouse. A traditional kalamkari printed saree blouse or paisley embroidered blouse, pick your favourite print and confidently match it with your saree.

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Ladies, Onam 2018 is just round the corner (it will begin on 15 August and end on 27 August). Bet you are excited to create a unique, fashionable look for the day! No matter what style you choose, you can find it on Ninecolours – from sarees to jewellery! Stitch saree blouses from us too for an amazing fit and brand new designs. If you have something more unique in mind, don’t worry our YouDesign team can customise saree worthy of your fashion aspirations!