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Three ways you can match the romantic monsoon weather with styles

The weather is cooler, the cutting chai more delicious, and you have the perfect excuse to indulge in some hot, deep-fried pakodas – what’s not to love about monsoons, right? Despite the grey skies, there is a lot of beauty to behold during this season. With the right fashion, you could be one of those beauties too!

It’s important to dress according to the season, so you must pick outfits that will keep you comfy through the weather, while also ensuring that you are fashion savvy no matter what. During monsoons in particular, the lack of sunshine means you get to dress in the brightest colours, exciting prints and the most comfortable fabrics.

Follow our three monsoon style mantras for a season-friendly fashion experience.

1)  Embrace Prints!

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make is shy away from prints. However, monsoon is that one season when prints can be THE best decision for you. If you are looking for inspiration, think printed punjabi patiala suits party wear, lovely printed kurti – that you can ever wear as a dress, or even a gorgeous printed saree that you could drape in a modern way with a cool top. When it comes to which prints to choose, you can opt for the must-haves like floral prints, or go bold and fearless with abstract prints. For a more traditional vibe, paisley prints are an all-time favourite that will never go out of style! This monsoon embrace prints!

2)  Hello bright colours!

Even though the skies are grey, the monsoon weather can be blissfully romantic. This essence of monsoon can be captured by wearing bright coloured outfits. Sunshine yellow, glowing reds, and even radiant greens, these and many other bright colours will help you stand out in the gloomy weather. Wear a bright coloured crop top with trousers along with spunky jewellery, or if you are heading for a special occasion, try a gorgeously bright anarkali suit with beautiful zardozi work (you can even customise party wear suits for important functions). Colours help offset the otherwise dull skies, and in the soft daylight, they really complement your skin tone perfectly.

3)  Keep it light!

As much as it is fun getting wet in the rains, it isn’t so when you are rushing to the office or have an important to meeting. And even if the weather is cool, the humidity levels can be uncomfortable. The solution? Wear light fabrics. You can choose any types of outfits – casual sarees, cotton suits or kurtis, as long as you are dressed in light, airy fabric you will be comfortable and will also dry faster in case you get wet. Season-friendly outfits should always be kind to your skin, and light fabrics for monsoons will help your skin breathe easy and ensure you don’t stay drenched too long!