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The best of summer prints to brighten your style!

If you are looking for ways to give yourself a style makeover, we strongly recommend including summer prints in your new wardrobe. It reflects your personality in so many ways – florals show your love for nature, Paisley your fondness for tradition, and abstract prints show your artsy side! How amazing is it when clothes become an extension of you and fill your life with joy!

Printed Affair Collection

With modern digital prints, the colours and details are absolute perfection! So your favourite prints look better and more colourful. Here are three prints that are favourites all season and never go out of style!

1) Floral Print

A springtime favourite, floral outfits (in Sarees, kurtas, lehengas and more) are a must-have wardrobe essential! You can wear it to work, for a fun evening, and even on grand occasions – it’s a versatile print. It makes you look cheerful, optimistic, and full of hope. Now wouldn’t you love all those vibes from an outfit?

2) Paisley Print

Do you love the beauty of ancient arts and prints? Paisley prints for one has fascinated us for time immemorial! It’s culturally rich, and each detail on a Paisley Outfit makes you appreciate the treasured textile gem. A Paisley border saree or a Paisley Printed kurta, there are many ways to include this gorgeous historic print in your collection.

Paisley Print

3) Abstract Print

For those who like their personal style to be edgy and unique, there’s nothing more apt than abstract print outfits. It gives you an artistic and modern edge. Abstract print kurtas are perfect for Office wear, and a party wear saree in abstract prints makes you look sophisticated and elegant.

Abstract Print

Pair it with solid or neutral colours, or with other prints, there are many ways to make prints work for you!