Ramnavami: Celebrate the Birth of Rama, The Ultimate Warrior

Celebrate The Birth of Lord Rama; The Hero of The Ramayana Epic.
Lord Rama and his epic stories are worth hearing. He was the man who destroyed the Lanka of Ravana. His birth marks celebrations throughout the country as Ramnavami.


To peep into the ancient Indian history, we need to look into literary sources. The Ramayana is one of the literary sources which provide us with adequate information on historical materials. This epic is termed to be the soul of India.


“When great evil occurs, great good follows”. This quote is true for every story you must have read till date. This symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Thus every story has a hero, who dispels the darkness form the lives of the people and restore peace. Celebrating the birth of such a hero is a tribute to him for all his deeds which saved world form wreckage.

Ramnavami is therefore celebrated to honor the hero of this epic on his birth for saving the people from the cruelties of Ravana.

killing of ravan

Lord Rama’s journey of being a Hero

Lord Rama is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was the son of King Dasharatha and queen Kausilya of Ayodhya.He was born after many years of marriage which added to the joy. He had three brothers Bharata form Kaikey, lakshmana and Shatrughna form Sumitra. He got married to Sita, daughter of King Janak, who ruled Mithila.


The Svayamvar was organized in which it was announced that the man who would bend the bow of Lord Shiva will be marrying Sita. Lord Rama not only lifted the bow with one hand but also bent it in such a way that it broke off. This brought Rama and Sita together. Then the time came when his father wanted him to take over the responsibilities of the Kingdom. This could not happen due to the wish of Kaikey (the third wife of the King) who wanted her son Bharat to rule the Kingdom instead of Rama. He went to exile for 14 years accompanied by Sita and Laxman.

Ramayana-story-Permission-for-Rama-from-his-motherIt is during exile that Ravana flew Sita to his kingdom Lanka, to fulfill his revenge against Rama for refusing to marry her sister Surpankha and against Laxman for cutting her nose and one ear. In addition to this Ravana also threatened Sita to marry him, to which she refused every time because of her love for her ideal husband.


With the help of his army consisting of monkeys and bears, which were headed by Hanuman, they built a bridge between Lanka and their own land. Many Rakshasa were killed in the battle and in the end Ravana was killed by Lord Rama bringing an end to his pride that he is immortal for which he took advantage by committing endless sins.


Joyful festivity of Ramnavami

On this auspicious occasion the temples are festooned and idols are richly ornamented. The devotees pay visit to the temple and listen to the holy Ramayana which is read on this occasion. Fruits and flowers are offered in the temples. Along with this Kirtans are also organized and attended. The devotees tend to fast (Vrat) on this day.

maxresdefaultAyodhya the birth place of Lord Rama holds a fair in lieu of celebrations. This festival in south India is celebrated with ardor and dedication.


Get dressed for the Occasion

Women prefer to wear sarees because its big festival and she wants to celebrate this festival in temple so that she can touch Ram’s Feet.

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Matching jewelry would be an add on to the attire like earrings, finger rings, necklace set, bangles and many other options are available. Do wear a bindi which blends with the colour of the dress and jewelry. Traditional footwear like flat wear or juttis must be preferred over heels.

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Men prefer to wear Kurta Pajamas which is in contrast with a jacket of a dark color completing the attire. They cover their head with a cap or handkerchief. Traditional footwear like flats or juttis would blend with the dress.

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