Brasso Creates An Ultimate Choice With Mixture Of Various Fabrics

Similar to burnout, Brasso is mainly defined as a textile technique, where the design is burned in some parts of fabric. This material is mostly used for manufacturing expensive Indian outfits, sarees and materials, for any special occasion. This technique is primarily used for creating sheer patterned elements, offsetting the vibrant look of solids, like in a blouse or maybe in any softly draped pleated costume. This is a perfect amalgamation of two fabrics. One is resistant to chemical reaction and another one is burned with acid, for creating a transparency rate. Brasso outfit are made with a perfect combination of chiffon, georgette and velvet. These are primarily used for creating social wear, wedding sarees and some formal outfits, too.


Know about the history

The technique, used for manufacturing brasso material is prevalent in medieval times, and is used to create bridal gowns, lehengas, and other forms of Indian attires. This was used to create a perfect presentation of glamour and royalty, yet with a subtle smoothness of sophisticated touch. Brasso is considered to be high quality clothing apparel, which is used by people, solely belonging from elite classes. Previously, this material was mostly based on cotton structure, but with passing time, this technique is also used for making with some other fabrics, too.

Brasso Net Fabric
Brasso Net Fabric(Source :

Some varieties for you

There are different varieties, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with brasso materials. Various designers are now experimenting with brasso to a great extent and mingling their creative ideas, to create a perfect result, in the end. These materials are now associated with different forms of fabrics, which can make the item cheap and ready to be used by people of different economic background. Some of the major varieties for your use are zari, resham, and patch work and brocade.

These designs are mainly associated with gorgeous looking Indian apparels, like sari, lehengas and more. This material can also be used for manufacturing chic and trendy skirts too, and with a classic touch, in it. Some choli styled blouses and backless apparels, are also made with this material.


Some pivotal facts for you

Even though, brasso fabric was primarily used for making saris and other apparel, these days, the same element is used for making some household items, too. It is also used for widely making lingerie, curtains, cushion covers, scarfs, table cloths and even bed spreads. It provides a more elaborate and luxurious style, when it comes to high end fashion statement. No matter whatever kind of color you are looking for, brasso sarees every style genre. Some major colorful options are black, cream, white, yellow, pink and gold.

Brasso and Georgette Designer Saree In Blue and Cream Colour
Brasso and Georgette Designer Saree In Blue and Cream Colour

Cleaning the sarees well

While planning to clean your brasso apparels, you need to be extremely careful. Dry cleaning is preferable, as professionals are well acquainted with this material, from the scratch. There are some pre-wash techniques available too, for some materials, as sub-divided under brasso category. Always remember to use mild soap, mingle with cold water and liquid detergent, if planning to clean the elements, at home.

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