Mother’s day: Celebrate Her Presence in Your Life

Every house has a moment of children struggling to find their stuff and suddenly the Mom enters into the situation as a Super woman, hands over the stuff you were looking for and leaves you in awe, thinking that why couldn’t you find it, if it was lying there.


“Nothing is really lost until your mother can’t find it”, this quote will certainly make you feel nostalgic about all the happening days of your childhood.

Let us begin with evoking the moments of your childhood when not finding your Mom around, your heart would skip a beat. All the sleepless nights she had gone through, so that you can sleep in ease. The slightest moment of yours would make her awake. With empty stomach, she would run around to feed you the food she has especially designed for you accompanied with the interesting stories you would never find in any book.


Mother: A teacher of Love, Care and Compassion

Every one of us shares a special bond with our Mom because our relationship with her is 9 months older than others. She nurtured us and took care of us even before we stepped into this world.


Don’t you think there should be a day especially dedicated to such an important person in our life? And that is why we have Mother’s Day which is celebrated all around the globe to pay tribute to Mothers and Motherhood.

It is celebrated on the Second Sunday in the month of May, for appreciating the mothers for all the hard work they have put in to raise us, for all the sacrifices they have made to make sure we lead a better life.


The idea of celebrating Mother’s day was propounded by Julia ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. It was their compassion towards women and motherhood which they voiced to be celebrated in this form. This day gifts us with an occasion to express our gratitude and love towards our Mothers and make them feel special and reward them with all the happiness they deserve. In many countries it is celebrated by organizing special prayers in the church for mothers. Children prepare a card with a gift wrapped in a glittering paper with a tag on it saying-”To the world’s best Mom” along with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.


From preparing the Morning tea to the dinner all the arrangements are made by the kids supported by the father. This gives an opportunity to the Mothers to enjoy the day and relax. Being a Sunday, a picnic or a get together is planned which strengthens the bond amongst the family members.

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Gift your Mother and make her Feel Special

For many of us thinking of a gift is a task or few might end up with the ancient ideas, so here we have a list of great gifting Ideas available at which will make it easy for you to reward the best woman of your life.


1. Designer Saree: You might think she has many of them but remember love of a women for clothing is limitless so she will be more than happy to see that she has a new dress to wear for the next occasion. Buy Designer sarees online with a lot of assortment from casual wear to party wear as well designer sarees. Varieties of fabric like Silk, Net, Crepe, Chiffon, Georgette, Hand-woven silk as well as boundless color combinations offer you the best choice ever.

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2. Home Decor items: Every woman feels joy in decorating her house as this tells a story about her. Best Home decor products ranging from Wall Arts, Idols, Antiques, Diwan set, Carved stones, Aarti Thali will be apt gifting option for our Home loving Mother. If you are looking for something specific you may choose from handicraft items like show pieces, lamps, candle holder, table tops, photo frames, artificial plants and many more.

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3. Artificial Jewellery: Ornaments add on to the beauty of a woman and make her cherish her beauty. Bangles, Chain Pendent, Earrings, Fashion Jewellery, Finger ring, Handmade Jewellery, Necklace will make your super mom look at her astonishing best.

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You can also pamper her by making an appointment for Spa or beauty treatment for her. Arranging a small get together at her favorite restaurant with her close buddies will also be a great surprise. Everything you do add lots of love to it for it is the heart that is important.

HL_spabed01_14_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterHope you able to make her feel special and usher her with all the love and happiness beyond her expectations.