Gudi Padwa: An Auspicious Way to Welcome the New Year

The first day of Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar is celebrated as the Gudi Padwa. It is marked as the New Year’s Day in Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa is celebrated prominently in Maharashtra, also known as Ugadi (in Andhra Pradesh), Baisakhi (Punjab), Cheti Chand (Sindhi), Naba Barsha (Bengal). It is celebrated in other parts of the country as well with different names and diverse ways of celebration.

As per the legends, Lord Brahma created the Universe on this day and hence it carries a huge significance among-st Hindus all over the country. Different parts of India has different ways of celebration but in general, it is celebrated with an auspicious bath, praying to the Almighty and decorating the house with flowers and cooking some distinctive dishes. The celebrations are filled with charm and vibrancy which is quite delightful.

How is the Festival Celebrated in Maharashtra?

The word Gudi symbolizes a new Kalash made of copper or silver and covered with bright green cloth and adorned with zari work tied to a saffron and yellow cloth. It is hoisted upside down at the entrance of the house. Padwa means tending towards perfection.


On this auspicious day, the gudi is erected upside down out of a window, on the door, or on a terrace so that it is visible to all. The twig of mango leaves and garland of red flowers showers the Gudi a very amused look. This is ritualistically worshipped and hoisted as a flag which is known as the DharmaDhwaj. Some also call it as brahmadwaj, because Lord Brahma created the universe on this day.


As per the Mythology, Lord Rama’s victory over Lanka and his return to Ayodhya is also associated with Gudi Padwa. The victory of Lord Rama is celebrated by people every year by raising Gudi. Gudi is a symbol of victory of lord Rama over Ravana. As per the Maharashtrian belief, Gudi is believed to bring prosperity and luck to the house and ward off the shadows of evil.

The Key Rituals Associated with the Gudi Padwa

People begin their day with the holy bath in the sacred river and pay the visit to a temple to worship Lord and pray for their wellbeing and prosperity. The ritual is supposed to clean the body and the soul. The day is marked with new clothes for all where Ladies are seen wearing Nauvari saree, a nine-yard saree tucked at the back in bright and vibrant colours like Green, Red, or Orange with motifs and embroidered work all over. Men wear Kurta Pajamas with turban which displays a very ethnic look.


Every house will be decorated with awesomely prepared Rangoli in the frontyard. The Rangoli is a colourful pattern made of various colours, rice and turmeric. Flowers and candles add charm to the rangoli and give your frontyard a very attractive appearance.


Tooran, the subtle arrangement of flowers and festoons are tied together at the entrance of the house. The garland of bright coloured flowers decorates your house and fresh fragrance spreads positivity.

The Prasad that is offered for the Gudi padwa is quite interesting. Unlike Prasad for other festivals where something sweet is associated with it, the Prasad used for Gudi Padwa are unique preparations made up of Neem and Jaggery.

Auspicious day opens door for Something New

In India, Festival brings a new opportunity for shopping. Gudi Padwa is one such festival when it is auspicious to buy new things for you and your house. The most common commodity is buying Gold. Gold ornaments, jewelry, coins, and other gold items are shopped throughout. However, it is a good option to give gold a miss considering its high price and nature of the deprecating asset. Buy artificial Jewelry online with great designs and exclusive patterns.


Buying Ethnic clothing is another trend that is common during the Gudi Padwa. Buy Ethnic clothes online and choose from the awestruck collection of Designer Sarees, Lehengas, Salwar Suits with the vast range to varieties and cool colours.

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Vehicles, Furniture, New Utensils and even new House are brought which is considered propitious on the occasion of Gudi Padwa.

What to Wear during Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa has a great significance in Maharashtra and women are dressed in their Ethnic best for this festival.

big_360631_1426928836 Nine yards of Saree called as Nauvari Saree is famously drapped around by women with excellent pattens and great designs. The Gota patti work and the zari are so complimenting that it can grace any occasion with ease. The designs and the motifs mark the refreshed beginning of a new year.

The Bollywood inspired sarees are another subtle choice of sarees to wear for the Gudi Padwa. The colourful pallu, embroidered borders, vibrant colours come together in the form of saree and you are ready for the Gudi Padwa celebrations.

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Another dapper option to choose is the Salwar Suits. Traditional attire with a lot of modernism is an apt attire for this Gudi Padwa. The designer Salwar suits available online is an ultimate choice to go for this Gudi Padwa if you are not very comfortable with the Saree. The piece of heavily embroidered with meticulously designed dupatta looks great on any female.

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Ornaments like Artificial necklace, Pendant Set, Bangles, Nose ring and Earrings is enough to make you look gorgeous and striking for this traditional occasion.

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Men can wear Kurta Pajamas with some fine assortment of cotton, silk and other magnificent fabrics. Kurta Pajamas are Indian traditional attire for men and are available with trendy designs and stylish patterns. These Kurta Pajamas are comfortable to wear and compliments with the ethnic theme of this Festival. Contrast colours Kurta Pajamas looks very classy and gives you a complete Ethnic look.

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Hope the New Year brings the Ninecolours of happiness and prosperity to your lives.