How to Get the Perfect Lehenga Choli Outfit

Choosing the right option when it comes to a dress can be very tough. With so many options to choose from and barely any guidance, many fail to find exactly what they were looking for. Just to help you out, here are a couple of factors to help in selecting the right Lehenga Choli for yourself.Chitrangada Singh Georgette Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Red Colour1.    Timeline
The first thing above all is to make sure that the entire process doesn’t take longer than needed. Spend too much time deciding on the Lehenga and it won’t be ready for an event like a wedding. Time spent is more valuable than money spent.Katrina kaif Banglori Silk Net Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Off White Colour2.    Occasion
Before beginning a proper search for your dress, first figure out the motivation for buying the dress and what’s appropriate for the occasion. Although lehenga cholis are generally a formal combination, some contemporary designs can be used for more casual events too.Youdesign Silk And Brocade Party Wear Lehenga Choli3.    Fabric/Colour
Fabric is obviously an important aspect of the dress. With so many types like Silk, Linen and Tulle, one must assess the look and feel that would be most comfortable to them. Also important are the colours incorporated into the fabric, as they should blend together seamlessly while making you stand out, match with the seasonal colours and/or express yourself through your outfit.Banglori Silk Party Wear Lehenga Suit In Black Colour4.    Embroidery
There’s a wide variety of embroidery, both foreign and Indian that work with a lehenga choli. Exploring and understanding options like Zardosi, Resham and sequins are integral to your dress.Youdesign Velvet Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Purple Colour5.    Design/Measurements
A standardized Lehenga Choli might be lacking in the way it incorporates the prior elements as well as the measurements not exactly matching your body. It is also confusing to select certain aspects of the outfit like the type of blouse (sleeveless, backless, neck collar) etc. Many online ethnic wear brands like Ninecolours offer services like Youdesign to create an outfit that is perfectly tailored to your measurements, wants and needs. These companies are the way to make your dress perfect.Velvet Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Black Colour6.    Accompaniments
After finally deciding on the dress, the last step is to find footwear, jewelry and other accessories that go well with the Lehenga Choli. This can be done before hand too if you have a good idea on what you want your dress to look like.Youdesign Silk Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Cream ColourWith these 6 things done with, your outfit should be ready to go! For making such a custom dress, Youdesign provides a very handy DIY option. From bridal and wedding designs to more casual party wear combinations, Youdesign offers highly customizable options in terms of Lehenga Cholis. All the factors listed here are taken care of by Youdesign’s team and personalized stylist, with the customer only providing information about and discussing their wants to them. With a range of embroidery options from Zari thread to sequins and lace work and multiple fabrics like silk and linen to choose from, Youdesign sells the best custom Lehenga Cholis.