The essential style guide for Teej festival in India

The Indian festival of Teej is a festival like no other. For one, it is a woman-centric festival that is filled with fun traditions, many gifts and, of course, the most amazing Indian ethnic wear. Celebrated with much fanfare by married women and to-be brides, this monsoon festival remembers goddess Parvati’s 100-years-long penance that finally granted her heart’s desire – a blissful martial union with Lord Shiva. It is believed that honouring the goddess on this occasion ensures an equally happy marriage for the worshippers as well.

This year, the three Teej festivals – Haryali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej – fall on August 13-14, August 28-29, and September 12 respectively, and will be celebrated with much enthusiasm in northern and western states of the country. Women gather during the celebrations, apply mehendi on their hands, and sing Teej festival songs. Women also get to enjoy time on swings that are specially arranged or fixed for this festival. Teej gifts are another great tradition to this festival. Engaged girls will receive clothes, sweets, jewellery and henna as gifts from their to-be in-laws, while married women receive similar gifts by their mother (which is later passed on to the mother-in-law).

A celebration that is all about women, the fashion galore is simply outstanding. Women will dress in their best Indian attires and deck themselves in the finest jewellery. For Teej 2018, you must check out our essential Teej style guide that will help you create a wonderfully refreshing look.

Draped in Joy

Perfect for married women, this selection of Teej sarees captures all that is delightful about the festival. Find the brightest colours and the most fascinating prints and work, and let the designer sarees radiate the festive spirit. It is also the perfect collection from which one can choose Teej gifts for married women.

Fun with Lehengas

A beautiful Lehenga Choli will make any soon-to-be bride very happy! This collection of youthful outfits will ensure you get to comfortably enjoy all the Teej activities such as singing, dancing and even playing on the swing. Our Teej style guide recommends choosing pinks, pastels and bright colours in Lehenga Cholis, with a good addition of sequins, zari and stone work.

Loveable Suits

Anarkali suits, straight suits, to even palazzo suits – if you are looking for gifting options for Teej, suits is a good choice. The best part about shopping from Ninecolours or getting suits customised online on Youdesign – is that you will find fresh new designs and patterns, all in your favourite colours and work.

Jewelled to perfection

Jewellery, especially bangles, are considered as essential Teej gifts. Besides gifts, wearing intricate earrings and necklaces will help finish your Teej style with panache. Choose from Meenakari jewellery designs to even oxidised necklace sets, make sure you match your jewellery with your Teej saree or lehenga.