Diwali Festival : Historical Evidence of This Festivity

Diwali is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘dipavali’ which means lights in a row. Diwali is noteworthy festival in India and Indians have been celebrating this fest since a long time.

Diwali Celebation
Diwali Celebation(Source: www.sify.com)

On this day, each house shines like a star and happiness flows along like a river within each and everyone’s hearts. Today, people all around the world have an enthusiastic desire to celebrate this festival and become a light themselves on the same day.

Even non Hindus today celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. In India, Diwali had been celebrated by people residing here since ancient times. Every year the festival starts with Dhanteras, when they buy gold and silver ornaments and coins and it is then followed by NarakaChaturdasi. Diwali comes after these two days and when you take a look at the nasa report of Diwali, you will see the Earth would be shining like the sun on this day. Even though the date of Diwali in English calendar changes, the dates in Hindu calendar remains the same and it comes in the month of Kartika.


How the festival start, complete history

This festival had been celebrated by people in India to signify the victory of light over darkness. On this very day, Lord Ram who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, retreated back to Ayodhya after his 14 years exile and people residing in the town celebrated this day by lightening lamps and showering flower. Some Indians also believe that Diwali is the day when Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s Wife, was born and some celebrate it as the day when Lord Vishnu retreated back from Earth to Goddess Lakshmi.

RangoliIn Sikhism, people celebrate it as the day when Guru HarGobind retreated back to the Golden Temple after being in an imprisonment of the Mughal Emperor.

In the similar way, in Jainism, Diwali is the remarked as the significance and remembrance of Mahavira. On this five days festival, every cast and creed unites and, whatever their beliefs and rituals are, the entire living population celebrates it as the festival of light which overcomes darkness.

How People Celebrates the Diwali Festival

Women and men celebrates the festival with lots of enthusiasm and wear new ethnic wear dresses.

Disha Patani Banglori Silk Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Blue Colour
Disha Patani Banglori Silk Party Wear Lehenga Choli In Blue Colour
Banarasi And Silk Party Wear Kurti In Pink Colour
Banarasi And Silk Party Wear Kurti In Pink Colour