Dhoti saree, a revival of quintessential traditional Indian saree

The fabric is being dated back to Indus valley civilization and sculptures and carvings show women wearing a saree in dhoti style. Dhoti was essentially a men’s garment. It is similar to a saree, sans the pallu (loose drape over the shoulder). As times and needs changed, this form of dhoti also took many forms. But the traditional dhoti lost its basic essence. Thus to preserve this ancient style of draping, dhoti sarees evolved.

The saree has been divided into different wearing formats; one of them is the dhoti saree. It is similar to Maharashtrian’s style of draping. The style is so old that it has seen a lot of modifications but sure enough, it never fails to amuse the onlooker. In Indian history there are images of gods and dancers wearing dhoti saree which adds to the unique quotient of this style of wearing a saree. It is assumed that during that period the material used in the making of the dhoti saree would be silk, but today the fabric which has gained a lot of popularity is georgette.

History of dhoti sarees

We have records of dhoti sarees being present in ancient India as well, in sculptures of Gandhara, Mathura and from Gupta times. You can also see sculptures of goddesses wearing dhoti sarees or dhoti wrap.

A dhoti saree is gaining lot of popularity these days because it not only adds to the elegance quotient but has a tinge of hotness too. For ladies who love showing their well-maintained waist, opting for dhoti saree will surely leave some jaws dropped. The fabric used in the making of the dhoti saree is often silk, cotton, velvet, georgette and can vary from place to place.

Modernization of saree

Saree is, no doubt, a timeless piece of apparel, but most of the women still do not know how to drape a saree properly. To save all such women from trouble of draping a full 9 yard saree, designers came out with solutions like pre drape saree, lehanga saree and dhoti saree. It could be a pre drape dhoti saree or you could even drape a dhoti saree. For those who are not very comfortable draping a dhoti saree, it is better to go for a pre draped one. Otherwise, you could also have a look at the video to understand how it is draped.

How to Drape the Dhoti style Saree

Tips for draping a dhoti saree

• Material that is free flowing and soft will drape better in case of a dhoti saree. A stiff fabric like cotton will not give the same effect as that of a Georgette or Chiffon

• Heavy silk and heavily embroidered sarees may stick to your body and may not give a proper fall as is needed for a dhoti saree

• Choli or blouse needs to be trendy and it should show off your body especially the neck part in style

• The tights worn with dhoti saree should be of the matching color as saree, to give a proper continuity to the overall look

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