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Strengthen Bond And Love Between Siblings Through Auspicious Raksha Bandhan Celebration

A festivity of love, bondage, and wonderful colors, Raksha Bandhan, celebrates the duty between siblings, and strengthen the bond. Also called as Rakhi Purnima or Rakhi, this festival is observed by Jains, Hindus, and Sikhs. It is primarily observed in Mauritius, India and some parts of Nepal. In some other parts of Pakistan, Sikhs and Hindus celebrate this auspicious moment, with extra care and dedication. There are many myths and legends, hovering around Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan ( Source : Raksha Bandhan)

Historical evidence of this festivity

As per the legend, the strong Raksha Bandhan bonds resulted in innumerable political ties, among various princely states. Indian historical pages state that Maratha and Rajput queens used to send Rakhis to some Mughal kings, as well. The primary aim was to offer protection and help during critical moments, and also honored fraternal bond. There were some matrimonial alliances established between kingdoms through Rakhi exchanges.

Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel ties a rakhi on Narendra Modi
Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel ties a rakhi on Narendra Modi (Source:

Some myths to follow

As per mythological allusion, Rakhi was used to worship sea god Varuna. This festival is accompanied by offerings of coconut, fairs near waterfronts and ceremonial bathing. Some myths show that this ritual was observed by Yamuna and Indrani for their brothers Yama and Indra. Raksha Bandhan symbolizes all types of protection from evil forces. Even in Mahabharata, Krishna advised Yudhishtthir to tie this Rakhi for guarding him against any form of impending evil.

Make way for significance

In this celebration of Raksha Bandhan, sisters dress up in beautifully to celebrate this special bondage. New dresses are essential for both brothers and sisters. Through this festival, sisters pray for their brother’s long life, and prosperous future. Sisters also seek their protection, in times of need. Rakhi clearly holds a religious and emotional significance. This helps in keeping the deep-rooted Indian culture alive and ensures sibling bonding.  A good number of songs in old Hindi Movies are based on the festival of Rakshabandhan.

 Great way to celebrate love

This festival of Raksha Bandhan brings the whole family together. The day starts with everyone taking bath and dressing up with new apparels. Sisters adorn their look with beautiful sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez and other forms of Indian ethnic dresses. Most of the apparels are embellished with colorful stones, silver and shining golden threads. Chocolates, sweets, and regional specialties are exchanged among siblings, after tying the rakhi on brother’s wrist. Aarti is performed by sisters for praying for their brother’s well-being. In turn, brothers show their love through gifts, blessings and money. Some prefer to shower their sisters with gifts, while others prefer to opt for monetary gifts.


Follow Indian culture

Through the festivity of Raksha Bandhan, you will come to know the historical evidence and cultural enrichment of India. It is a way to show the power of love and togetherness, which is to be found among Indians, residing anywhere. Their love and bond grow with every passing day, by tying a thread of love. People love to wear Indian traditional dresses and adorn their look with matching accessories. It is not a just celebration of love, but also reflects the Indian Culture. Sweet dishes, aartis and exchange of gifts are some ways of enriching this occasion.

Aarti plate Raksha Bandhan India
Aarti plate Raksha Bandhan India ( Source :

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