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Saree Draping: Learn How To Wear The Sheer Elegance

Saree is said to be the most beautiful attire.This feminine dress portrays the splendid appearance of a woman. To capture that glory it’s essential that this attire is draped nicely. There are various Saree draping styles like Nivi style,Gujrati style,Indo-Western style and many more.Below is a step to step guide to drape it in Nivi style which will be helpful to you.

Nivi Style: Evergreen style of draping a Saree.


Before you start draping the Saree, wear the blouse(choli) and inskirt (petticoat).The inskirt you choose must be of the similar colour as that of the Saree.Also, wear the footwear in advance so you get the accurate length of the Saree at foot.


STEP 2 Pick the one end of the Saree(other than the side comprising pallu).You can notice the fall attached in parallel to this side.Tuck this side in the inskirt(from below the navel)starting from the right of your waist, wrap it around and complete one round by tucking. Make sure it is not short in length at foot.


STEP 3 The next step is to leave space for front skirt pleats.This must be an arm’s length measure from the waistline. By tucking the other end to the inskirt a loose loop will be formed, which will be transformed later into pleats.


STEP 4 Now let’s move on forming the Pallu pleats. These pleats can be formed by holding the one end of the pallu and giving the space of finger span, till you reach the other end. This will give shape to 6-7 pallu pleats.


STEP 5 The Pallu pleats are meant to be tucked on the left shoulder. Therefore, you will have to bring this pleated section in front from the right side and after adjusting well on the left shoulder, pin it up neatly to the blouse, leaving the pallu falling.

Remember to keep safety pins handy.

STEP 6 The fabric connected to the lowermost pleat of the pallu must be tucked tight in inskirt, keeping in mind that it properly covers the love handle on the left side.

STEP 7 Now we need to form front skirt pleats.This will also require finger’s span space.The pleats formed must be tucked in the inskirt facing the left.As tucking will not be enough , it is important to pin this section from inside. You can also use a Saree pin to add on to the grace.

Make use of safety pins as per your choice.It will add on to your comfort in wearing this adorable attire.

Also in order to save time, it is suggested that you apply make-up and put on the jewellery before draping the Saree.

You can style the drape as the occasion demands by opting for the various other draping patterns.Also draping it effectively is important to ensure your comfort while movement.

Get ready to impress the world with this stunning look!