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Bhagalpuri Silk For Relishing The Old Bhagalpur Tradition In Style

Also known as Tussar Silk, Bhagalpuri silk is considered to be a dyeing style, used on silk saris. Not only predominantly used in silk saris, but you can use the same material for manufacturing other forms of apparel. The material primarily came from Bhagalpur, in Bihar, and this material is mostly used for manufacturing sarees like Bhagalpuri sari. Also defined as queen of all fabrics, this silk is notable for its striking resilience, mingled well with unique and superior quality strides.

bhagalpuri saree in Multicolour
bhagalpuri saree in Multicolour

The artwork is known for its intrinsic structure, which can easily showcase the culture and tradition of Bhagalpur area, in Bihar. The form is known for its flawless and purest structure and is filled up with various slices of Indian cultural zones.

History of this material

The elegant structure and form of embroidered Bhagalpuri silk is known for its fame, artwork and recognition, associated with soil of this Bhagalpur area. This area is also known as silk city, and you will get to know more about the natural and purest form of embroidered silk fabrics. The use of this silk material is mainly dated back to Vedic Age, which is now noted centuries ago. The Mauryan age also recognized the importance of this material and you can easily their artwork to prove this fact. This material was also known for attracting maximum people during this form of era, which later passed on to some other generations, down the line.

Bhagalpuri Fabric
Bhagalpuri Fabric (Source :

Forms and types for you

When you are talking about Bhagalpuri, there are different variations as availed from this segment. These are used to spread and enhance the beauty of artwork, and to a completely new level altogether. Some of the noteworthy varieties in this segment are Gicchi, Katia, and Mulberry and there are different variations, under Tussar Silk Yarn structure. These are used to facilitate in proving a pastoral look and offer a complete delicateness to the texture, of this item. These are used to provide a rick and royal outlook.

Important facts for you

There are some innovative facts, which you need to be aware of, while dealing with Bhagalpuri silk. This silk was always in high competition with Mysore and Bangalore silk. The fine structure of this silk along with an extra edge of smoothness can always provide a completely new look, and win over any competition, so far. This embroidery service is again considered to be eco-friendly in nature. Not much silkworms are killed for manufacturing the finest silk texture, as needed for this material.

Ways to keep this silk clean

Keeping proficient care of Bhagalpuri is an absolutely important task, for all. During maximum instances, manufacturing units will ask you to opt for dry wash service. However, at homes, Bhagalpuri silk needs to be washed with mild detergent, free from harmful chemicals. For hard wash service, people are asked to soak the product in salt water, and clean the material with clean and cold water, later. Now, depending on the varieties, the cleaning procedures are likely to vary a lot. It is better to give the apparel for dry wash, to retain its color and material for long.

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