Celebrates harvest festival over the 4 corners

a festival is a way to convey existence and exuberance to our spirits. the rich indian heritage breaks down the monotony and rejoice each pageant with same zeal, which proves our solidarity in variety. india celebrates harvest festival over the 4 corners,

Competition is widely known in maharashtra as makar sankranti – by way of subculture, maharashtrians rejoice this pageant by way of having a ceremony known as haldi-kum kum and via gifting clothes to the daughters of their residence. the similar festival is widely known inside the soil of gujurat and referred to as as uttarayan wherein all of the ladies of the house wear new garments, even as the men fly colourful kites all day long. imparting you the nice of our lovable indo-western clothes to your daughters and adorable sarees to flaunt at this occasion.
In punjab and haryana, it’s far celebrated as lohri, wherein humans gather to mild a holy bonfire, carry out their conventional dance form bhangra and celebrate the festival with pomp and splendour. what’s lohri with out a conventional salwar fit to embellish. check out our unique collection.
In the South of India, this festival is celebrated as Pongal. Pongal has more significance than Diwali in Tamil Nadu as it marks a start of the new harvesting period.
On this day, women wear gorgeous and colourful new sarees as per tradition. Check out our elegant range of Laxmipati sarees apt for the occasion.